Remote Online Notary Services
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Code Title 406 Subchapter C Sec.406.110 permits authorized Texas notaries to “perform an online notarization authorized under Section 406.107 that meets the requirements…regardless of whether the principal is physically located in this state at the time of the online notarization.”

What types of online notarizations are permitted in Texas?

Online notaries are authorized to perform the following types of notarial acts in Texas state:

  • Acknowledgments: An official acknowledgment from a signer to a notary that a document has been willingly signed.
  • Verification of an oath or affirmation: The notary witnesses an oath or affirmation that the contents of the document being signed are factual.

If we notarize a document online in Texas, will it be recognized by other states?

Yes! Online notarial acts performed in Texas will generally be honored by other states, including states that have not yet passed RON laws. Each individual state has it's own varying requirements, but established precedents have set forth that online notarial acts performed compliantly with the applicable state RON laws can be recognized as valid across state lines.